Privacy Policy

We want to protect the privacy of visitors to at all times. However, this website may gather information from our visitors in order to operate. This privacy policy explains how this may happen, what we will do with any potentially personal information, and how visitors can get in contact with us if they have any concerns.

Information We May Collect collects information whenever a visitor registers for any of the content or services offered by this website and third-party sponsors. These services may include newsletters, access to premium calculators and content, webcasts, videos, and targeted research topics.

Personally Identifiable Information

The types of personally identifiable information a user might provide when they register includes:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Home or work address

We may also ask registered users to provide additional information such as their role at work, company, or industry. The personal information we address later in this document is the information users provide as well as information that may be obtained from third party sources. This website can also collect and store certain information automatically using cookies and similar technologies. This may include a visitor’s IP addresses, the general location of a computer or device accessing the internet, a user’s browser type, operating system, and page view history. Later in this document we talk more about technologies such as cookies and web beacons.

Media and Comments

Users of should remove location data (i.e., EXIF GPS) when uploading publicly available images. When EXIF GPS information is embedded in an image, it is possible for visitors to this website to download and extract location data from a user’s images.

Visitors that leave a comment on our site may opt-in to saving their name, email address, and other personal information in cookies and / or similar technologies. These technologies are for the convenience of users so they do not have to fill in these details again when leaving subsequent comments. These cookies may last for a long as one year.

Cookies and Web Beacons, its advertisers or analytics partners may send a cookie to a user’s computer or use web beacons to gather statistical information. A cookie cannot personally identify anyone. It is merely a way to know that a particular web browser visited a website. In the same manner, a web beacon cannot identify a user. It is a way to automatically send information about our pages and content to an analytical tool.

Cookies and web beacons allow website owners to understand visitor interactions such as how much time a browser is spending on a site or the number of visitors each month. If a user never registers, then their visits – despite the use of cookies or web beacons – are anonymous. (It’s not possible to identify a person using a cookie.) It is possible to link personally identifiable information to a cookie when a user registers allowing for a better understanding of how that person interacted with our website.

Advertisers can also use cookies and web beacons to determine how many times an advertisement was seen by a user. We do not exchange personally identifiable information with advertisers. It is not possible for an advertiser to access a registered user’s information stored on Browsers have the ability to accept or reject cookies or notify a user when a cookie is being sent. It’s also possible for privacy software to override web beacons.

Sharing Personal Information with Others may share personal information to deliver content and services from this website and third parties that might interest a user and to comply with valid legal processes.

We may share a user’s information with advertisers and sponsors when a user registers and agrees to our terms and privacy policy. will only share personal information with advertisers and sponsors with explicit consent of EU residents.

We need to provide user information to other companies in order to deliver the services you want from us, such as having an email list sent out, managing your email preferences, or to process an order. In these cases, the information is used only for the specific service a user requested from us.

We may also aggregate information and disclose it to advertisers and other third parties for marketing, promotional, and other purposes. In these cases, we do NOT disclose any personally identifiable information. Use of contact data obtained in this manner is governed by the terms and conditions of the third party’s Privacy Policy.


Over time, may buy or sell a company or web property. When a business is sold, we may transfer some or all of a registered user’s information as a part of the sale. This allows users to continue receiving the services we provide.

User Rights

  • Users have the right to opt out of our direct marketing at any point. They can unsubscribe from emails by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email or by contacting us directly.
  • Users can request the personal information we retain at any time. We will provide that information within one month of receiving a request.
  • Users can also request their information to be deleted. We will respond within one month of receiving a request.

Changes, Questions & Comments

Changes to this policy will always appear on this page. Requests for more information and questions about this policy should be emailed using our contact information.